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Guidelines and Recommendations 

The following are guidelines for everyone’s safety at a LFBA games and facilities. Our priority is for everyone to enjoy themselves and we are committed to doing this with a plan that focuses on the safety of players, coaches, and families. If you attend a LFBA hosted event, we expect and appreciate your cooperation with our guidelines and enforce them not only with your teams but with all families and spectators associated with your visit to our facilities.
Participants must not exhibit any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have no known exposure to someone that has been ill with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Infected people have a wide range of reported symptoms – from mild to severe illness.
Participants must not have above normal temperature readings; temperature checks must be done by families prior to attending an LFBA game. 

Our expectation is each visiting player, coach, and family/fan attending a game can attest in the past 24 hours, they or anyone within our household has not exhibited any of the following CDC-recognized symptoms of COVID-19:
Persistent cough
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Fever (above 100.4 degrees)
Muscle or body aches
Sore throat
New loss of taste or smell
Congestion or runny nose
Abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting
If a participant, coach or family/fan has symptoms, they cannot participate or attend any LFBA games or facilities. 
If a player, coach or fan has developed COVID 19 after visiting an LFBA facility that team must contact LFBA immediately and report the positive test result.
General Safety Rules for: 
All participants, to the extent possible, maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between each other at all LFBA games and facilities
Teams are responsible for cleaning all trash from their team area and dug outs
Teams should only enter and exit the diamond from the side of their own dugout. LFBA will occupy the third base dugout and Visitors will occupy the dugout on first base line
Teams are prohibited from handshakes/high fives or any group celebrations during the game
It is recommended hand sanitizer be available to all athletes and it is used between inning by all players
No chewing gum, food, or sunflower seeds allowed in the dugout
Teams can use dug outs but must maintain social distance while in dug out area. If it is not possible to social distance within the dugout area coaches should setup designated space outside the dugouts for player between innings
Visiting players and families will head directly to and occupy the first base side of the field; home team players and families will head directly to and occupy the third base side of the field.
Only players from the fielding team can retrieve foul balls. Fans may help locate but should not pick up foul balls.
Allowed to wear PPE masks during the game, but not required.
No team huddles on the field during the game.
No sharing of equipment (bat, helmet, glove, gear)
All players must have their own water bottles (no sharing).
Coaches must make sure player equipment is separated from other players
Must adhere to 6-foot social distancing when not on the playing field
Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food or bags.
All coaches have successfully completed the Health Screening as specified above prior to arriving at a LFBA game as specified above
If a coach visits the pitcher, all other players to stay at their positions.
No sharing of equipment (bat, helmet, glove, gear)
No coaches will be allowed on the field to dispute or argue a call. Coaches must call the umpire to their dugout to discuss while maintaining proper social distancing.
Each coach is required to have a mask on their person at all times during the game. Coaches should wear their mask when encountered with a situation where social distancing is unavoidable.
Coaches should wear masks during a mound visit. Only the pitcher is allowed to be present at a mound visit.
All umpires hired by LFBA must complete a COVID-19 symptom check prior to arriving at any LFBA game. If an umpire is experiencing any symptoms, they cannot umpire the game.
Umpire will work from the back of the pitcher’s mound, no closer than 6’ from the edge of the mound. If the umpire chooses to work from behind the plate a mask will be required to be worn at all times.
Umpires are required to have a mask on their person at all times during the game. Umpires should wear their mask when encountered with a situation where social distancing is unavoidable.
Umpires should avoid any contact with a game ball
If a pre-game meeting is conducted, it will be done near the area where the umpire will be calling the game and social distancing rules need to be followed. Only 1 coach from each team is allowed to participate and mask wearing is highly encouraged.
One coach is allowed from each team and must properly social distance.
No players allowed at the coaches meeting.
Umpires do not need to receive a lineup from each team.
Umpires should avoid any contact with a game ball
Each team’s scorekeeper should exchange line up cards electronically example:
o Take a photo of your lineup and send it via text to the opposing team’s scorekeeper.
Family & Fans
Fans will be required to exercise and abide by all social distancing guidelines at all times when at the facility
Fans should bring their own chairs and be seated along the foul lines, and in the outfield beyond any fencing or outfield boundaries. Families can sit together but all others must observe the 6’ guideline or wear a mask
Fans will not be permitted in the areas behind home plate, around the dugouts or in the bleachers. They must sit or stand along foul lines or outfield fence/boundaries.
Spectators shall not enter the facility until it is your teams time to play. This will allow the other teams to clear out and open up space for you to get in
Once your game has ended, we ask the parents, players, and coaches vacate the premises to avoid large groups of people gathering. Only show up to the fields if your team is scheduled to play.
Parents, please vacate the area you were sitting at once your game has finished to allow the next teams parents to come in and set up their seats.
Any individual who is running a temperature, sick, or not feeling well should not attend games.
Parents/Fans will not be allowed approach any team’s bench area or assigned player area unless requested by their coach.
Each team will line up along their respective foul line, then acknowledge the opposing team with a tip of the cap/round of applause then immediately clean and vacate dugout
All post-game meetings should be held outside of the field area as to provide time for the teams for the next game to enter (social distancing guidelines should be followed)
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