Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

LFBA provides an organized approach for our children to play baseball at a competitive level, to assist players in the development of their baseball skills, learn how to play on a team, while fostering a growing appreciation for the game. 

Our Code of Conduct outlined below supports a positive atmosphere for all players to participate in the game of baseball, while promoting self-esteem, sportsmanship, a strong work ethic, and teamwork, both on and off the field. We field competitive teams and develop strong players – but our most important goal is to assist in the development of young players of exceptional character. 

I. General

● Winter workouts will be run every Sunday from early January through March. This program is designed to help players focus on fundamentals. It is not mandatory; however, it is highly encouraged, please make sure that coaches are informed of any absences.

● Lake Forest Reactional League Baseball (House) is required of all players in order to participate in LFBA. The only exception to that rule is those players that participate in MSBL in the spring.

● The season will run from early May to late July, we strongly encourage that all families avoid any prolonged vacations or trips during this time frame. If a player misses any significant time (more than two games in the season or two consecutive games) during the season, the parent(s) of the player will be required to discuss these absences related to a vacation with LFBA commissioner and age director in order to determine the viability of continued involvement in LFBA. Please understand a single forfeit during the season has significant consequences for teammates, the coach, and the program, including suspension and or removal from the league.

● We understand and encourage our players to participate in multiple sports and the LFBA program is built to accommodate that philosophy. We do ask that once summer season begin that players attempt to focus their time and efforts to baseball which will run 4-5 days a week. To ensure we field competitive teams, coaches must be notified in advance of any absence for a game or practice.

● For practices, only assigned practice attire and proper baseball equipment is required. Please do not wear game uniforms to practice. Players are required to be in proper uniform in order to play in all LFBA games

● Athletic protectors (Cups) are required for all games and practices.

II.  Program Rules

In order to ensure a safe environment for all players, coaches, and families, LFBA, adheres to a strict enforcement policy for behavior by both players and parents:

All LFBA players and parents shall show respect for teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, and officials. Bullying, taunting, teasing, hitting, physical intimidation, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will lead to immediate discipline, up to and including suspension from the program.


●Players will not dispute, argue or visually demonstrate any sign of dissatisfaction from any decision made by an umpire or coach.

●Use of obscene or vulgar language, including swearing is strictly prohibited, even if not directed at a particular person.
The use of derogatory comments with respect to one’s race, ethnic heritage, religion or gender is strictly prohibited.

●Taunting of other players is strictly prohibited. This includes other teams/players in the LFBA program.

●Tossing of equipment during games is strictly prohibited. That includes bats, helmets, and gloves out of frustration or anger.

●Disruptive behavior at team practices or games is unacceptable.


Support your child’s love of baseball by getting him/her to practices and games on time, by making sure they have all their equipment and by emphasizing the importance of teamwork, commitment, perseverance and good sportsmanship. Parents can be suspended from games, practices and presence at the fields for violations of the following infractions of the rules:

If you have a situation where you feel you need to voice disagreement with the coach or program, go through the team age director first. A “24-hour rule” cooling off period applies after games and practices before any contact with the coach or age director can be made to discuss disagreements.

● No confrontations with the coaches in dugouts, games, or practices.

● No use of vulgar language, including swearing, to anyone at any time. i.e. parking lot before, during or after a game.

● No taunting of players, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of violence or actual physical violence.

● No use of derogatory or defaming vernacular for one’s race, ethnic heritage, religion or gender.

● LFBA is a volunteer run organization. The organization does the best it can evaluating and implementing rules and programs. To that end, parental criticism that is openly detrimental to the program and or its volunteers will be dealt with directly by the LFBA commissioner. If it is found that this has occurred, the offending parties face the possibility of being asked to leave the program with no refunds.


In order to ensure that any and all disciplinary issues are identified, tracked, and resolved, it is important to have them captured centrally. As a result, any instances of the code of conduct being violated, including bullying or taunting, should be raised to Alan Cichon ([email protected]), with a copy to Matt Nuewirth ([email protected]), and Rob Robbins  ([email protected]). These people will also form the committee that will investigate and advise on any violations of the code of conduct.

Thank you for your support of LFBA Baseball.

© 2021. Lake Forest Baseball Association. 
All Rights Reserved.


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