[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The children living within the boundaries of Lake Forest High School District 115 and those children designated by the Board of Directors are eligible to participate as players in the LFBA program. Membership may be extended to children outside of Lake Forest High School District 115 by action of the Board of Directors. Membership of any child may be suspended, terminated, or reinstated by action of the Board of Directors. Disputes concerning player and/or membership eligibility shall be referred to the Commissioner of LFBA for resolution. The party involved or any member of the Association has the right of appealing the Commissioner’s decision to a panel of review consisting of the Director of Baseball, Secretary, and Treasurer. The panel’s decision on the matter is final and binding.


LFBA strongly encourages children to play the age division associated with their grade. Children who complete second grade in June typically play 8U in the summer immediately following the school year, children who complete third grade in June typically play 9U, children who complete fourth grade in June typically play 10U, children who complete fifth grade in June typically play 11U, and children who complete sixth grade in June typically play 12U. LFBA policy does allow for children in the grade behind to “play up” if he or she is not qualified to play in the age group suggested by grade (e.g., if the child is too old for the age group suggested per LFBA policy), or if he or she completes a tryout for the higher age group and resulting tryout scores place him or her among the top three rated players in the entire higher age group. LFBA policy also dictates that out-of-district children tryout for available roster space after the in-district evaluation, and are only eligible for the lowest ranked team at an age group.


For the 2017 season, eligibility is determined by the child’s age as of May 1 of the current season.