Director Of Baseball- Brad DeJong

Lake Forest Baseball Association has created the position of Director of Baseball with the goal of achieving consistent results across the baseball organization.  The director of baseball is a paid position, with the following responsibilities to the organization. 

-Hire, develop, and train qualified coaching candidates.  

-Identify coaching candidates to retain for following season. 

-Develop coaching manual, and methodology to provide each coach with end of year feedback.  

-Manage all equipment purchases. 

-Negotiate and manage contract for training facilities for winter workouts.

– Develop workout and training programs for all kids to utilize.  

-Coordinate, and run player tryouts across 5 age groups

-Coordinate and manage team selection across 5 age groups

-Coordinate and manage all end of year player evaluations across 5 age groups

-Manage season scheduling, umpire coordination, and field preparation coordination across 5 age groups

-Stay involved with each team throughout the season, including attending practices and games

-Member of LFBA board of directors.

-Provide outside perspective to challenging situations within the organization